Joya sole categories

Our shoes are divided into two sole categories to help you choose the right shoes. The sole category shows the characteristics of the respective shoes at first glance:

motion: Active walking!

Through the unique Joya "Activator" 

We have developed the shoe category "motion" to enable active walking and standing. The highlight: the soft sole technology with a muscle-activating midfoot roll - the so-called "Activator".

The ingenious system supports the natural movement sequence and helps to automatically adopt a more active posture. Suitable for all those who focus on their physical fitness.

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emotion: The joy of walking!

Due to the soft-elastic Joya footbed 

With the shoe category "emotion" we have reinvented the joy of walking. The soft-elastic Joya sole absorbs every impact and thus effectively supports the relief of back and joints.

The result: a unique walking comfort. Ideal for people who want to pamper themselves and their feet with a uniquely soft walking sensation.

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