Joya Effect

Joya - Bliss for your back

At Joya, we firmly believe that back problems should not restrict anyone's daily walk. Today, modern people walk mainly on hard industrial floors like concrete and asphalt and often wear shoes that limit walking and standing.


Healthy walk due to suitable shoes

Joya shoes support the natural movement process and encourage active walking. Joya shoes also promote healthy posture, which provides relief to the back and joints and can also reduce and prevent back and joint pain. 

The effect of Joya

The positive effect of soft, elastic sole on the musculoskeletal system is proven in many studies and has been used in physiotherapy for a long time. Joya has developed a shoe technology that utilises this principle and enables a healthy, muscularly active form of walking and standing throughout the day. The soft and springing material of the Joya sole transforms a hard and flat floor into a soft, elastic surface. This increasingly activates small support and stability muscles again, which can remove stress from the joints and the spinal column. Plus, “micro movements” support the activity of the foot, calf, and leg muscles, which enable active walking and standing.