My sole is falling apart!

Joya MY expert says….

We have received complaints before where shoe soles have fallen apart immediately, despite infrequent use. The statements made by the wearers of Joya shoes were often fairly similar: the shoes were worn extremely rarely and were in fact only stored in the cardboard box for a long period of time.
Some of you have no doubt got shoes in your wardrobe of a similar age which are still good to wear. The reason for this is the polyurethane (PU) sole material.
Polyurethane (PU) is used in in the midsole and outsole of Joya Shoes as it offers several positive results.
~ Very light
~ Very flexible
~ Very good shock-absorbing material
~ Good anti-slippery material
All of this has a beneficial effect on the Joya shoes wearer's natural movement patterns. The specific composition of PU produces these material qualities, but it also affects the service life of the material.
Aging of Joya shoes is an entirely normal process that all shoes go through. If we want to benefit from all the positive effects of a Joya shoe, we need to be aware of the limited product life of shoes. In essence, the PU sole material is subject to a natural ageing process - hydrolysis.
In countries with an extremely high level of humidity (of 80% or more), such as Malaysia and Singapore, the expected service life of Joya Shoes is two years at the most.